Why We Love “AIE”

My husband and I refer to this character as “AIE,” short for attitude is everything. She almost stayed hidden in my sketchbook rather than becoming a Card You Can Color.


I’d intended to draw a serious image of a woman walking through a frightening wilderness using the strength of her inner self to get through the difficult situation. When AIE started to materialize, I was embarrassed and frustrated. She looked so silly compared to the important idea I’d meant to express.

I finished the sketch anyway and went to the kitchen to wash dishes. A few minutes later, my husband marched into the kitchen, legs and arms out straight, chanting cheerfully, “At-ti-tude is ev-er-y-thing!” My mood lifted immediately. The kitchen felt lighter and brighter.


It was then I embraced the yogi-dinosaur. While I’d had something more “mature” in mind, I loved AIE more and more with each draft. It cheers me up to look at her, and I’m thinking of drawing myself a larger, poster-sized one for our office. We’ll see.

For now, she’s available as a 5×7 card. Two more “mature” designs are in my shop as well. I’ll tell their stories here soon, but for now, you’ve got AIE here to cheer and brighten your day!



I’ve decided to draw every single day for 365 days straight. This article from The Washington Post inspired me. Want to join me? You don’t have to draw; you could commit to doing something else.

I started on Monday, December 7, and I’ve already missed one day, but I’ve also created seven pages of drawings I would not have otherwise. And, look at this! I sat down to draw a rain cloud and this little guy appeared. I don’t know what he is, but I adore him!

Here are my guidelines if you want to do it my way, or adapt these to fit your goals:

  • Draw (or whatever you choose to do) every, single day.
  • Doesn’t matter what I draw or how long or how well; I just have to do it.
  • If I miss a day, I get right back on track the very next day.
  • There is no working ahead; this isn’t for cute Instagram pictures but for forcing art into every day of daily life until it’s as much a part of my routine as the dishes and laundry.
  • I have to report on occasion to stay accountable. I’ll use this blog and my Carrot Condo Instagram account and the hashtag #365daysofpractice because it doesn’t look like anyone’s using this so we can find each other easily, and because practice in order to develop a healthy habit and further transform into the people we want to be is what this is all about.

You could do anything for 365 days that is realistic and adds fulfillment to your life:

  • meditate
  • write
  • exercise
  • eat veggies
  • read a chapter/poem
  • do something helpful for someone else
  • memorize a word in a language you don’t know
  • listen to a new-to-you song, band, or album

You can start whenever you want. Will you let me know if you decide to do it? I’m deeply curious about what you’ll take on for 365 days, and we can encourage each other to keep going when it gets tough.

You can post a comment here, you can email me (trista AT carrot condo DOT com), or you can message me in Instagram (link is to your right if you’re on a laptop; at the very bottom if you’re on a iPad/iPhone).

The more of us engaging in something thoughtful every day, the better, right? Good luck!