Portland Holiday Markets 2016

I will be selling Carrot Condo creations at a few craft shows in Portland this year.     

On Saturday, November 19th, I will be at Llewellyn Holiday Market from 10am-5pm at 6301 SE 14th Avenue.  


On Saturday, December 3rd, I will be at Lewis Holiday Bazaar & Tree Sale from 10am-4pm at 4401 SE Evergreen.


On Thursday, December 8th, I will be at The Madeleine Marketplace from 2:00-8:00pm at 3123 NE 24th Avenue.

I’m looking forward to seeing what other vendors have made, meeting new customers, and getting inspired for new projects. I hope to see some of you!

You can find all of my cards and storybooks at Carrot Condo on Etsy. I am especially excited about my collaboration with Lisa at Panda With Cookie–three different dinosaur cards you can color and a plush ornament designed and hand-stitched by Lisa.


My Winter Octopus comes as a Card You Can Color and has the option of coming with an ornament you can color and shrink (like old-school Shrinky Dinks!). img_4102I also have non-winter-themed items, like my Storybooks You Can Color. In fact, “Sometimes…The Weirdest Things Happen At Our House” may be ready for a second printing! Others, like “Follow Your Heart…” will be retired after they sell out so I can make room for new books. More about those in a few months!!

Winter Octopus

Winter Octopus Card You Can Color, available in October.

This is one of my Cards You Can Color for the winter season. It cracks me up! I mean, an octopus wearing mittens? At one point, it wore a couple of socks too. But then I started wondering if tentacles are more like hands or more like feet. You wouldn’t believe the musings I had while inventing this creature.

The octopus came about while collaborating with Lisa of Panda with Cookie. When we decided not to use the octopus and went in a different direction (more on that soon), I started to tuck the octopus away in a folder, but Lisa suggested I use it for something else.

About twelve sketches and at least five revisions later, I have this guy/gal! I had to simplify, but I’m still chuckling over one of my earlier drafts that had the octopus knitting its own hat while wrapping a present. For a 5×7 card, it got too busy.

Octopus ornaments colored and ready to shrink.

I’m also experimenting with including a “color and shrink your own ornament” with the card. That way, you can color the card and ornament to match, and you have a ready-to-mail gift. (Have you ever played with Shrinky Dinks?) I’ve got mini-octopuses drawn on shrink plastic, ready for you to color and put in the oven to shrink, but I bumped into some technical difficulties. I think I’ve just about got it worked out.

Soon, I’ll have some winter dinosaurs to show you, too. They’re also on the whimsical side and come with an ornament made by Panda With Cookie. More about this soon. Thanks for reading!

Why We Love “AIE”

My husband and I refer to this character as “AIE,” short for attitude is everything. She almost stayed hidden in my sketchbook rather than becoming a Card You Can Color.


I’d intended to draw a serious image of a woman walking through a frightening wilderness using the strength of her inner self to get through the difficult situation. When AIE started to materialize, I was embarrassed and frustrated. She looked so silly compared to the important idea I’d meant to express.

I finished the sketch anyway and went to the kitchen to wash dishes. A few minutes later, my husband marched into the kitchen, legs and arms out straight, chanting cheerfully, “At-ti-tude is ev-er-y-thing!” My mood lifted immediately. The kitchen felt lighter and brighter.


It was then I embraced the yogi-dinosaur. While I’d had something more “mature” in mind, I loved AIE more and more with each draft. It cheers me up to look at her, and I’m thinking of drawing myself a larger, poster-sized one for our office. We’ll see.

For now, she’s available as a 5×7 card. Two more “mature” designs are in my shop as well. I’ll tell their stories here soon, but for now, you’ve got AIE here to cheer and brighten your day!


The Storybooks Have Arrived!!

Welcome to Carrot Condo! My Storybooks You Can Color are linked here as well as my Cards You Can Color. If you’ve been following my blog, All But The Kitchen Sink, you know this has been an exciting process, and this website feels like the last step in making it all real!

As of today, three of four storybooks are printed, and a set of four flower cards are ready to go. They’re printed on bright, white paper called “music paper,” which handles pens, crayons, and colored pencils without bleeding through to the other side.

I will open my Etsy shop in early October, and I’ve applied to the Crafty Wonderland “2015 Super Colossal Holiday Sale” in December. My shop and business are called “Carrot Condo,” which is short for “Views From The Carrot Condo.”

Copyright 2015The name comes from a raised bed in our backyard that we use to grow vegetables. When we first moved to our house, a fancy hot tub stood there. Everyone said we’d love having a hot tub, but we gave it to a friend and planted a big box of dirt instead. Thinking this was a pretty fancy way to grow veggies, we started calling it the Carrot Condo.

It seemed like a good business name, like my drawings are what the carrots see when they peek out of their fancy garden box:

IMG_0746I have about 47 more projects imagined or sketched, but one thing at a time, right?

I’ll be posting more here soon. I want to tell you more about the print shop I’m using and the things I’ve learned in the process. I also want your opinion about upcoming projects. So, stay tuned, and thank you for all of your support and enthusiasm.