I am an artist, writer, and teacher
cultivating my own and others’ creative work.

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Writing Coaching

Do you have a story you want to write? Not sure how to start? Or you’ve started but don’t know what to do next? I can help! Click here to learn what I do as a writing coach.

My Writing

At eight years old, I decided I wanted to write true stories. I learned the term “creative nonfiction” years later. Here you’ll find samples of my writing and news about current projects.


I hand draw illustrations for children’s books, stickers, and greeting cards. I also turn my drawings into lino cuts that I print onto fabric. From inspirational monsters and butterflies to vibrant vegetables, you can see a range of my work here or visit my shop.

“Write your life. No matter how young or old. Even if you feel like you’re not interesting enough. Do it. Believe me you are. Your life is in fact twisted and beautiful and you’ll find that as you peel back the layers, the unexpected side effect is it feels wonderful to be known. Even if it’s just by you.”

Brandi Carlile, Broken Horses: a memoir

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