All items are available in my Etsy shop linked here.

She Flies With Her Own Wings 5×7 card:

Tiny Stationery: 12 tiny stationery pages, each with hand-drawn illustrations and 6 self-sealing envelopes.

Customized Letters are handwritten and illustrated, old-fashioned, snail mail letters with a decorated envelope! For yourself or as a gift, these letters are designed to give a bit of cheer in the mail and provide the fun of a pen pal without the responsibility.

Political Postcards and “together is better” cat risograph cards inspired by the women’s marches in DC and PDX as well as other inspiring stories of positive efforts to make America a kind and accepting place. As well as Cards-You-Can-Color and other creations come and go in my shop’s virtual shelves.

All 2019 creations will be available by September.