Why We Love “AIE”

My husband and I refer to this character as “AIE,” short for attitude is everything. She almost stayed hidden in my sketchbook rather than becoming a Card You Can Color.


I’d intended to draw a serious image of a woman walking through a frightening wilderness using the strength of her inner self to get through the difficult situation. When AIE started to materialize, I was embarrassed and frustrated. She looked so silly compared to the important idea I’d meant to express.

I finished the sketch anyway and went to the kitchen to wash dishes. A few minutes later, my husband marched into the kitchen, legs and arms out straight, chanting cheerfully, “At-ti-tude is ev-er-y-thing!” My mood lifted immediately. The kitchen felt lighter and brighter.


It was then I embraced the yogi-dinosaur. While I’d had something more “mature” in mind, I loved AIE more and more with each draft. It cheers me up to look at her, and I’m thinking of drawing myself a larger, poster-sized one for our office. We’ll see.

For now, she’s available as a 5×7 card. Two more “mature” designs are in my shop as well. I’ll tell their stories here soon, but for now, you’ve got AIE here to cheer and brighten your day!


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