it’s a wrap…

My holiday bazaar “season” is officially wrapped up. (Due to Portland’s snow storm, the Madeleine Marketplace** was rescheduled for Wednesday, December 14th, but I can’t be there that day.)

I still have some cards and books in stock, and if you’re in Portland we could arrange a delivery or pick up, but the very first Storybook You Can Color that I made sold out!


The last copy of “Sometimes…The Weirdest Things Happen At Our House” went to a really nice and talented artist I sold next to at one of the shows. It made me happy that it went to her.

It also made me happy to learn where some of my cards were going. A little boy bought AIE to color for his great-great grandmother’s birthday, and another AIE is going to a woman’s daughter to celebrate the completion of her PhD!!

I had fun selling my Winter Octopus with the shrink-plastic ornament. Not many people knew about shrink plastic, and I enjoyed explaining how it works and encouraging them to draw their own designs to color and bake down to size.


I’m really hoping people send me pictures of their colored books, cards, or ornaments–I’m eager to see my illustrations completed and curious to see how they turn out.

Next up at Carrot Condo headquarters: cleaning up, organizing, and setting goals and project deadlines for 2017. Any requests? Send ’em my way. I’m pretty sure that one general guideline for 2017 will be: experiment.

Thank you, as always, for your support of Carrot Condo! It’s encouraging and motivating for me to know you’re out there.

**The Madeleine Marketplace from 2:00-8:00pm at 3123 NE 24th Avenue. Wednesday, December 14th.

2 thoughts on “it’s a wrap…

    1. Hi, a.c.– I saw your comment but have taken forever to reply because we all got sick for the month of December. Ugh. But here’s the thing–I’ve been daydreaming of EXACTLY THAT kind of postcard-calendar for about a year now! I keep changing my mind about the theme/images. I’ve also been looking into stickers. It’s hard to find sticker material that can be colored nicely, but I’m getting closer. Thanks for the ideas, it encourages me to keep working on this one!


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