tending to others’ well being: a quiet strength

I have drawn this design three times, making subtle changes each time. The latest one, and the final one, is my favorite. I like the little flip of wave on the side and the vibrant colors.

Original pen-and-ink drawing available in my Etsy shop.

The saying “she flies with her own wings” has been the State of Oregon’s official motto since 1987. Although the Oregon Swallowtail is our state’s official insect, I chose the Silverspot to illustrate the motto because this butterfly raises its young in fields of early violets, the flowers drawn here, which grow best in grassy areas along the Oregon Coast.

Unfortunately, the ideal habitat for the violet is shrinking, which challenges the Silverspot population. The combination of strength, beauty, determination, and resilience seemed the right image for a card recognizing the efforts and contributions of people working to make this world a better place.

Although the saying suggests someone independent who needs no one but her own self, I see it like this: she perseveres, she keeps going, she tries to find a path forward no matter what the obstacle, only temporarily slowed down by sad news, and she keeps the way open for anyone else wanting to move forward toward a better world.

I initially had friends in mind who help me fly with my own wings when I drew the very first version of this design. It’s a way of thanking those who help us find our strength and explore our independence.

Whether the design gets mailed as a card to someone deserving some recognition, framed and hung in a spot to encourage you to keep going, used to celebrate a woman and her strength, or chosen for someone who does not identify as “she” but works to make our lives better, I hope this design captures and commemorates quiet strength, persistent effort, and all the actions we take to support our own and others’ well being.

If you’re thinking of gifts for Mother’s Day, I have a few stickers left, a fresh batch of cards, and the one original drawing available in my CarrotCondo Etsy shop.

Thank you, as always, for reading my news and following along my creative journey!


4 thoughts on “tending to others’ well being: a quiet strength

  1. I love the card! I hope you all are doing well. We’re fine — lots of stuff going on.




  2. I loved your newsletter — lots of great encouragement and information.

    Where did you find the fence with the painted wings on it that magically became yours? Cool shots.



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