enjoy a feeling of accomplishment: write a letter

April is National Card and Letter Writing Month. It’s fun to receive a letter, but it’s also incredibly satisfying to write a letter. Receiving a letter is fun because it’s rare these days to see something handwritten and personal in the mail. Handwriting adds meaning to the simplest of letters–it’s not uniform like a typedContinue reading “enjoy a feeling of accomplishment: write a letter”

be what you might have been: learn to longboard

A lot of people are roller skating right now. I see their extra-tall bodies lurching toward me from a few blocks away, the sudden flail of arms, the clomp-clomp-clomp of heavy skates recovering balance. Occasionally, someone glides by gracefully, totally in the zone. It takes time to learn how to maneuver through the world withContinue reading “be what you might have been: learn to longboard”

gift ideas from my online shop

unique gifts for all occasions My shop Carrot Condo is stocked with new work! Roller-Skate pins for your backpack & stationery to color or colored for you. Illustrated guide for crafting letters–what to say and how to say it. Produce portraits to remind you of the simple things in life. As well plenty of otherContinue reading “gift ideas from my online shop”

opening the creative mind May 16…

My friend Robin Vada and I will be teaching our Opening the Creative Mind Workshop Saturday, May 16th at the virtual Compose Creative Writing Conference. In our workshop, we practice meditation techniques combined with writing prompts to break through creative blocks and find new perspective. It’s serious work with powerful results, but we end upContinue reading “opening the creative mind May 16…”

giving it a go: 2 hours and fear meets its match

It’s a new year, a new decade, and although I feel apprehensive about new year’s resolutions, I made a few for 2020. For Carrot Condo, I’m committing to 2 hours of creative work Monday-Friday. It’s week three of this, and proving much harder than it sounds. I am sticking with it nevertheless. I’m learning toContinue reading “giving it a go: 2 hours and fear meets its match”

selling all the stuff!

UPDATE:  last show for 2019 is Jolabokaflod. It’s in a beautiful building, there will be live music, good food, and an impressive array of books, books, books with the authors and illustrators right there to sign copies. See you there! Saturday, December 28th PDX Jolabokaflod (Yule Book Flood: Cozy, literary, Icelandic tradition brought to Portland.)Continue reading “selling all the stuff!”

domestic artifacts: appreciating you and your hard work

In spite of all the excitement of summer ending and school starting, I’m proud to say that creative work marched, crawled, and occasionally raced along. I’ve got new creations in my shop. The one that surprised me the most is a coloring book. My Domestic Artifacts coloring book is a collection of line drawings revealingContinue reading “domestic artifacts: appreciating you and your hard work”

tiny cats, tiny owls, big excitement

New tiny stationery sets –with stickers!!!— are finally finished and available in my shop. It took many months, but so many great things came of it. First of all: stickers!!! Secondly: two more sticker designs to seal each stationery set in a little square package, 4.5-inch square to be exact. They take some time toContinue reading “tiny cats, tiny owls, big excitement”

you can do this with one hand tied behind your back

This is the second time I’ve done The 100 Day Project. Two times now, I’ve drawn every single day for 100 days straight. Just take a minute to count to 100. I mean, seriously: 100 days in a row! Am I glad I did it? Is it worth it? Should you do it? What didContinue reading “you can do this with one hand tied behind your back”

creating my own path

Things are moving along slowly but steadily here at Carrot Condo. I’m starting to accept this snail’s pace because I’m noticing that a little effort every day builds faster and faster the longer I stay with it. In other words–exciting stuff is happening, but I have nothing–yet–to show you. Four projects are in the works,Continue reading “creating my own path”