a cliff, some cats, and domestic artifacts

I’m happy to report that things are humming along at Carrot Condo in spite of The Rest Of My Life interrupting every which way it can. This seems to be one facet of living a creative life–the rest of life gets jealous and pushes back, frequently and rather roughly. Again and again, I’m forced toContinue reading “a cliff, some cats, and domestic artifacts”

she flies with her own wings

My good friend inspired this card because of the hard work she devotes to making life better for everyone she meets. I’ve become convinced that our daily actions contribute as much to the world as the Big Actions reported in the news, and I wanted a card that acknowledges this. March is women’s history month,Continue reading “she flies with her own wings”

i lava you a lot

It all started when my kiddo gave me a homework assignment: After drawing a lava monster, he set out paper and a crayon on my desk for me to draw my own. As usual, I was focused on the tasks I wanted to accomplish that day, but something made me slow down enough to appreciateContinue reading “i lava you a lot”

a flood of books

On Sunday, December 30th, at Nordic Northwest in SW Portland, I will have a table of Carrot Condo creations at Portland’s first “Jolabokaflod,” which means: Yule Book Flood. Margaret Pinard organized the event and explains that Jolabokaflod is an “Icelandic national holiday where people exchange books as gifts on Christmas Eve then spend all nightContinue reading “a flood of books”

introverted monster sells crafts

It’s craft-show season for me at Carrot Condo! The next one is: Llewellyn Holiday Market on Saturday, November 10th from 10am-5pm at 6301 SE 14th Avenue in Portland. Then, on Saturday, December 1, from 10am-3pm I’ll be at the Lewis Holiday Bazaar and Tree Sale at 4401 SE Evergreen Street in Portland. Last weekend’s bazaarContinue reading “introverted monster sells crafts”

tweet-size stationery: hoot hoot!

A collection of empty Altoid tins inspired the most painstaking and rewarding project I’ve made yet: tweet-sized stationery. These tins are too sturdy and useful to send straight to recycling, so how could I re-purpose them? I attended a meeting of the PDX Correspondence Coop, a group of people who gather every month to revereContinue reading “tweet-size stationery: hoot hoot!”

What would you do for 100 days?

Sometimes, I am most successful when I *think* the least. In April, I committed to completing an illustration every day and sharing it on social media for 100 days straight. I plodded through my usual task-filled days, but all the while, I drew with little time to think about it other than “get it done.”Continue reading “What would you do for 100 days?”

monsters lost: love found

It worked out to tie finger-puppet monsters to my Valentine’s Day cards for my kiddo’s class: We had two left over that we raced in little cars after breakfast Valentine’s Day morning. The cars’ license plates said: “B.YOU” and “JUSTB.” Good Valentine’s Day messages, which made us think of “Our Person” at the gas station.Continue reading “monsters lost: love found”

monster love

Hello and happy Valentine’s Day! My monsters want to wish you a light-hearted and colorful day because sometimes Valentine’s Day is just too much pressure. Color these creatures however you wish (or get them already colored by yours truly). Attach a piece of candy, sticker, poem or joke, and show your friends some love. YouContinue reading “monster love”