tweet-size stationery: hoot hoot!

A collection of empty Altoid tins inspired the most painstaking and rewarding project I’ve made yet: tweet-sized stationery. These tins are too sturdy and useful to send straight to recycling, so how could I re-purpose them? I attended a meeting of the PDX Correspondence Coop, a group of people who gather every month to revereContinue reading “tweet-size stationery: hoot hoot!”

Circular Stationary and Spiral Letters

Writing 30 letters in 30 days for the write_on challenge proved to be a turning point in my creative life: Handwriting letters brought me back to my roots. It felt meditative and deeply satisfying. And because I had a specific audience to write to, my writing topics and voice flowed out happily and abundantly. ForContinue reading “Circular Stationary and Spiral Letters”

pretty script w/envelope

I am finding that handwriting and illustrating letters feels meditative, calming, and deeply satisfying. Writing one word at a time in a limited space makes me thoughtful and focused, which is a relief from this frenetic world and my frenzied mind. Once I know who I’m writing to that day, an image leaps out ofContinue reading “pretty script w/envelope”

30 letters in 30 days

Did you once love writing and receiving letters by mail? For years now, my mail has mostly consisted of junk and a few bills. I miss the surprise of seeing a friend’s handwriting, colorful stickers and doodles, and the thickness of an envelope containing pages of story and musings. And I remember spending long, satisfyingContinue reading “30 letters in 30 days”