The One That Got Away

Version 3
Before I show you the Coloring Contest results, you have to see the one that got away. When posted on the bulletin board at the launch party with all the other entries, I think it looked like a page nicely colored. When you compare it to my original page, however, you’ll be wowed. Here’s the original:
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Here is the “after” as colored by Akira:

Look at everything Akira added to my original:  a dog, a little girl in a #5 jersey, a witch, an owl and ghost, an extra painting on the wall, and one painting turned into a little chicken! Oh, and a mouse!

I’m stunned by this page!!!  Akira’s drawings blend so smoothly with mine that it looks like these additions were there all along.

What am I going to do about this? I’m thinking of contacting Akira to see if she wants to collaborate with me on a new storybook you can color. A good idea, no?

Okay, stay tuned. I’ll post the first four categories and winning entries next. And then, there’s a great story that goes with the final three winners. Plus, more pictures from during and after the launch party.

4 thoughts on “The One That Got Away

  1. I am blown away!!!!!!!! i thought for certain you had made a mistake and shown the wrong before! this is amazing!!!! i’m trying to get over my jealousy that i’m not as creative 😉 but yeah – i would think the two of you are definitely in sync!!!! Really love that Akira made it seasonal specific. Fantastic!!!! In the lower right picture on the wall, some circles turned into (what looks to me to be) a chick! This is a fun game to compare them! Love!

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  2. Wow–that is amazing. Yes, you two should collaborate. You have such a wonderful and whimsical drawing- and storytelling-ability. And the additions to your drawing make the page even more vibrant and fun. Can’t wait to see the result of any collaboration.

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