Carrot Condo’s First Craft Show

I sold my books and cards at the Madeleine Marketplace bazaar yesterday, and it completely exceeded my expectations. I signed up and paid my booth fee with just a few goals, to learn as much as I could about:  setting up a nice display, talking about my work, and using Square to accept card payments.Continue reading “Carrot Condo’s First Craft Show”

A Family That Colors Together …

…gets 45 minutes of focused quiet, or learns about making decisions and preparing to win or lose. After the launch party, one family was so excited to color they stopped to buy colored pencils then went straight to their dining room table and colored together for 45 minutes. Try to enlarge the picture of C.,Continue reading “A Family That Colors Together …”

And The Winners Are …

I asked five friends to serve as judges of the coloring contest for Carrot Condo’s launch party because I  knew I would not be able to do it. After deliberating among themselves (look how serious they are), Dave Andersen, painter and professor, announced the winners and greeted each one with a fist bump: The firstContinue reading “And The Winners Are …”

The One That Got Away

Before I show you the Coloring Contest results, you have to see the one that got away. When posted on the bulletin board at the launch party with all the other entries, I think it looked like a page nicely colored. When you compare it to my original page, however, you’ll be wowed. Here’s theContinue reading “The One That Got Away”

Carrot Condo almost launched

Prizes are wrapped, cookies and lemon bars are in-the-works, coffee will be brewed, and then … we’ll be ready for for Carrot Condo’s launch party. Just friends and family, but even so, it feels like a big event to me. I’m really looking forward to seeing how people colored the pages for the coloring contest.Continue reading “Carrot Condo almost launched”

The Storybooks Have Arrived!!

Welcome to Carrot Condo! My Storybooks You Can Color are linked here as well as my Cards You Can Color. If you’ve been following my blog, All But The Kitchen Sink, you know this has been an exciting process, and this website feels like the last step in making it all real! As of today,Continue reading “The Storybooks Have Arrived!!”