tiny cats, tiny owls, big excitement

New tiny stationery sets –with stickers!!!— are finally finished and available in my shop. It took many months, but so many great things came of it. First of all: stickers!!!

Nine 1-inch round cats on vinyl: tiny but mighty!
Nine 1-inch round owl stickers on vinyl–hoot! hoot!

Secondly: two more sticker designs to seal each stationery set in a little square package, 4.5-inch square to be exact. They take some time to cut and fold, but they look quite cute all lined up on my desk right now.


Lastly, and most exciting for me–I met new people who helped me make the entire stationery set better–sharp images, clean folds, smooth envelopes. And, of course: stickers!!! Meeting Alison and Erik at impress creative print + design services was a turning point for me and my Carrot Condo business.



I’d walked past “impress” inside the Bindery building on NE Sandy in Portland a few times, and admired the look of their shop each time. I assumed they only did “big projects” for “big businesses.” When I realized this was just my self-doubt sneaking up on me, I made an appointment.

The happy result? Alison and Erik have lots of printing experience and wisdom, they’re both artists in addition to their print careers, they understand what I am trying to do and have great ideas, and…best of all…they’re both super nice. Working with them has given me a sense of freedom–I draw what I love without worrying about how I’ll print it. Instead, I think, “Alison and Erik will know how to do this!” and I just keep drawing.


There’s a lot of cutting, folding, and gluing required to complete each stationery set. It takes me about two hours to package six sets. But it’s fun! I’m so happy with the feel of the papers and the clean folds, that I hum along to some tunes and think through the details of my next project.

Happily folding, packaging, and appreciating your support,



  1. so so many things i love about this. firstly – stickers. omg. so cute. secondly – hoot hoot. SO FUNNY & CUTE! and then your experience with impress – LOVE the quote “Working with them has given me a sense of freedom–I draw what I love without worrying about how I’ll print it. Instead, I think, “Alison and Erik will know how to do this!” and I just keep drawing.”. LOVE. more than i can articulate but it almost made me cry so there’s that. I guess maybe because i know how debilitating getting to those points can be so knowing you have a team that can allow you to work through and keep going on the creative side – all the feels. I love too that there are cute designs all over the sticker sheet, not just where the stickers are cut. JUST LOVE IT ALL! well done!


    1. Thank you, heather!! Thanks for noticing that the design goes beyond the stickers. And yes, you get it about having the support and expertise of others—it’s made my next project so much more fun and nearly stress-free!!


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