farmers, food, & art: come see me February 26th

Stop by The Redd on SE Salmon on Saturday, February 26th between 10am-2pm for a fun experience: activities for kids, cooking demos for you, farmers showcasing their meats and produce, and … me!! I’ll be there with fresh Carrot Condo creations.

Here’s me last year, but I think this year I can smile directly at you without a mask. (Fingers crossed anyway.)

A CSA, or community-supported agriculture, is food you buy directly from the farmer. You pay for a season of produce, or a share of meat, or even a full year of products. I’ve had great luck with three types of CSAs:

—A weekly fall-winter share of produce that I picked up at a location near my home. I did this for two seasons and enjoyed staples like potatoes and carrots, but was also introduced to kohlrabi and celeriac root.
—Two dozen eggs that I pick up weekly at a location near my home and love so much I pay for the whole year at once.
—Chicken delivered to my porch once a month, one whole, one cut up. It took me a while to learn how to cook with bone-in, skin-on chicken, but I’m starting to get it, and the soups we’ve made have been 5-star-restaurant worthy!

The Redd Building is really cool–worth coming to the Share Fair just to be inside–and has a huge, beautiful kitchen. Cooking demonstrations will be happening all day. Here’s a glimpse:

And lastly, some new things of mine to see–none of which I’ve gotten into my Etsy shop. My local Portland friends have been getting first dibs on all my new stuff. After Share Fair, I plan to update my shop. Until then, what you can see in person on the 26th are Nasturtium kitchen towels. I’m sticking with a food theme for my towels–only designs of things you can eat. You might already know that Nasturtium flowers are edible, and so are the seed pods. My friend made me “poor man’s capers” out of the pods.

I’ll have strawberry towels and also a few strawberry cards with matching envelopes, all hand-printed.

And I should have a few veggie towels as well as *maybe* some printed re-usable produce bags. I have the bags, but they came out the wash super wrinkly, so I’m still working out how to print on them smoothly….

I’ll have a few other things as well, and I’ll hope to see you there!

And, as always, thank you for following my creative journey.

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