farmers, food, & art: come see me February 26th

Stop by The Redd on SE Salmon on Saturday, February 26th between 10am-2pm for a fun experience: activities for kids, cooking demos for you, farmers showcasing their meats and produce, and … me!! I’ll be there with fresh Carrot Condo creations. Here’s me last year, but I think this year I can smile directly atContinue reading “farmers, food, & art: come see me February 26th”

CSA share fair: get matched with the perfect produce (and art) for you

I am going to be showing some of my Carrot Condo work at the CSA Share Fair on Sunday, February 27th from 10am-3pm in Portland. Farmers from the PNW will show off produce, meat, dairy, eggs, and fruit they sell as part of their Community Supported Agriculture shares. You can shop around for the perfectContinue reading “CSA share fair: get matched with the perfect produce (and art) for you”

appreciate the weird: be the kohlrabi

The kohlrabi is a weird vegetable. It looks weird, it grows in a weird way, and it’s a weird plant to cook. Google “what is kohlrabi” and just about everyone describes it as “alien.” There it is, sticking up out of the ground, thrusting it’s long-stemmed leaves every which way, looking both disheveled and insistent,Continue reading “appreciate the weird: be the kohlrabi”