enjoy a feeling of accomplishment: write a letter

April is National Card and Letter Writing Month. It’s fun to receive a letter, but it’s also incredibly satisfying to write a letter. Receiving a letter is fun because it’s rare these days to see something handwritten and personal in the mail. Handwriting adds meaning to the simplest of letters–it’s not uniform like a typedContinue reading “enjoy a feeling of accomplishment: write a letter”

the deep satisfaction of snail mail

One of my favorite projects at Carrot Condo right now is my Customized Letters: two handwritten pages, both illustrated, and tucked into an envelope (also illustrated) and mailed once a month for five months. So far, most of the letters have been purchased as a gift to someone. The customer tells me a little aboutContinue reading “the deep satisfaction of snail mail”

last craft sale of 2017 & snail mail?

I hope you all had a good Thanksgiving weekend. We sure did, but I’m kind of exhausted from all the eating and merry-making. Back to working! Speaking of which, I had an incredible time at the Llewellyn sale a couple of weekends ago. I met three more amazing artists, and went home with a printContinue reading “last craft sale of 2017 & snail mail?”

you’ve got mail

I had so much fun writing letters for the write_on challenge in April that I created a new product for Carrot Condo: Customized Letters. They’re handwritten, illustrated, old-fashioned snail mail. Creating them has been as satisfying as I’d hoped. You can subscribe to a monthly letter for yourself or as a gift to someone else.Continue reading “you’ve got mail”